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crime record information system

Criminal Record Management System

A criminal records management system might be quite beneficial to your neighborhood. It's difficult to tell who is guilty and who is not. Finding these persons is now easier than ever thanks to our system. You can use the website to determine whether or not a person has a criminal record. You may also discover how much they have been convicted of and what crimes they have committed in the past.

Keeping track of a person's criminal past is critical to any community's safety. True and correct information offered by citizens to police aids in the apprehension of criminals who attempt to disrupt society's peaceful atmosphere. Without a comprehensive and dependable system in place that allows them to quickly obtain information on possible criminals, this mission can be tough for law enforcement. Criminals are continually coming up with new strategies to get away with cheating or harming people. People may now stay up to date on information on criminals thanks to the advent of criminal record management systems.

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How it works?

The goal of this project is to create a policemen reporting and management system that is accessible to the general public, the police department, and the administrative department. We implement all essential procedures to ensure your safety. We obtain data directly from courts, ensuring that it is always accurate and secure.

Whenever a criminal case is filed, our database is updated with its information and data. So, if you need to confirm a person, we pull data from the database and show you all of their previous criminal histories. While doing so, we ensure that our system remains secure and does not provide you with false information.

Uses of our system

The project's goal is to create a crime file that will keep digital records of all criminal investigations. People may readily access the system because it is a web application.


Building security and monitoring control on crimes


You can easily identify criminals


Easily verify your employees (without police intervention)


Police can identify criminals faster


Keep record of criminal’s crime activities

With the rate of crime rising every day, it's more necessary than ever to deploy an automated system like ours to safeguard everyone's safety and prevent crimes before they happen. Because the criminal record management system is comprehensive and covers all elements, it can meet a wide range of purposes. It's simple to set up and utilize. It can ensure the protection of individuals, consumers, and employees, as well as assist police departments in reducing crime rates.